Eventide Nexlog 740 Recorder

  • 3U rack-mountable system with many configuration options to meet your specific needs.
  • Field upgradeable from 8 to 96 digital PBX telephone channels, 8 to 96 analog channels, 8 to 240 VoIP/SIP/RoIP channels, 8 - 240 NG9-1-1 SIPrec channels, 24 - 192 T1/PRI channels, 30 - 240 E1 channels, 8 - 240 P25 channels, 8-240 Mototrbo channels, or 8 - 240 DMR channels. A wide range of mixed channel quantities (digital + analog + VoIP/RoIP, etc.) can be accommodated within a single NexLog 740 recorder. Multiple NexLog 740 recorders may be easily combined to provide recording solutions for higher channel counts, multiple sites, and/or redundancy.
  • Available with an integrated color touch screen or a blank front panel.

    NexLog communications recorders have been designed to provide full-time recording for compliance needs, as well as distributed recording for agencies and enterprises with multiple sites. NexLog recorders can record digital PBX telephones, VoIP telephones, analog telephones, analog C.O. lines, CAMA trunks, analog radio audio, T1 & E1 trunks, ISDN-PRI trunks, ISDN30 trunks, SIP trunks, IP-dispatch consoles (AVTEC, Telex, Zetron, and many others), Radio over IP (RoIP), trunked and conventional 2-way radio, Motorola ASTRO 25 with AIS, Harris VIDA P25ip, EFJohnson P25, Motorola MOTOTRBO, Tait DMR Tier 3, Tait DMR Tier 2, Tait MPT-IP, Sepura DMR Tier 3, ICOM iDAS, Kenwood NexEdge, PC Screens, and much more.

  • Advanced Security Features

    NexLog Communications Recorders include a multi-tier security system that controls users' access based on role and channel (or talk group) assignments. NexLog software has been designed to enhance security by encouraging users to employ strong passwords and to use them properly. Password policy options include complexity enforcement, automatic aging, change reminders, expiration, and lock-out. In addition, each user's access and actions are audited and available for review.

  • Call Evaluation and Reporting

    The optional Eventide Quality Factor call evaluation software module allows supervisors to efficiently evaluate and score call-handling quality. Evaluation questions, answer banks, and skills can all be quickly entered and maintained, and the call evaluation forms can be created through a simple drag and drop process. The evaluation questions and forms can be quickly adapted for special incidents and changing requirements. Quality Factor software's reports are designed to help supervisors measure the quality of call handling and track performance.

  • Color LCD Touch Screen

    The available color touch screen provides convenient control and replay at the recorder's front panel. You can view the current status of each channel and each archive, receive visual and audible alerts, live-monitor multiple channels, and fully administer the system using the NexLog Configuration Manager software. Playback functions available at the touch screen include quick replay, advanced search and replay, select calls to be protected, create incidents from groups of calls, add more calls to an existing incident, export an incident to USB, and burn the incident to CD.

  • Designed, Built, and Supported in the USA

    NexLog communications recorders and software applications are developed and maintained in the USA by Eventide's highly-talented engineering team - assuring prompt responses to changing market needs and customer requirements. In addition, all NexLog recorders are assembled, tested, and supported at our New Jersey USA production and support facility. 

  • Enhanced Recorder Reports

    NexLog communications recording systems include tabular and graphical reports that can be run at any time. These daily, weekly, and monthly reports provide managers with valuable information about call volumes and channel activity.

  • Flexible Archive Capabilities

    NexLog 740 and NexLog 840 communications recorders include a standard multidrive for DVD-RAM archiving (9.4GB per dual-sided DVD-RAM disk, for 1540 hours @13kbps). Upgrade options include a second multidrive for DVD-RAM for redundant or sequential archiving, single or dual Blu-Ray-capable multidrives for Blu-Ray Archiving, and/or a removable 500GB hard drive. In addition, NexLog recorders can archive to as many as six external USB hard disk drives or USB flash devices. For geo-diverse archive redundancy, NexLog recorders can optionally archive to as many as six Network Attached Storage (NAS) shares. Multiple NexLog recorders can archive to a central NexLog unit, which provides a centralized database and storage for calls that have been recorded at multiple sites.

  • Geo-Location Display and Search Capabilities

    Eventide's MediaWorks Plus software can optionally display (via Google Maps) the location of wireless 9-1-1 calls, based on lattitude and longitude data that is delivered from the 9-1-1 system's ANI/ALI data. MediaWorks Plus software with this optional geo-location capability also permits convenient map-based searching for wireless 9-1-1 calls via a user-definable "geo-fence".

  • Incident Replay and Management Features

    Eventide's MediaWorks Plus secure browser-based software provides enhanced recording management capabilities including flexible search, multiple-call replay, graphical time-line with pan/zoom, variable-speed replay, incident management tabs, audio redaction, voice annotation, audio waveforms, talking time/date, call protection, burning of calls or incidents to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, export or email incident, live monitor and instant recall.

  • Instant Recall Features

    Eventide's MediaWorks PLUS secure browser-based software provides agents, call takers, and dispatchers with preset-based Instant Recall capabilities including variable-speed replay, record-on demand, text annotation, and export to WAV file.

  • Metadata Integration Capabilities

    In addition to recording audio and PC screen media, NexLog communications recorders can support integration to a variety of metadata sources that provide call-associated information. Options include 9-1-1 ANI/ALI integration, SMDR/CDR integration to PBX systems, IP Dispatch console metadata, Radio system metadata, and customized data integrations. In addition, an optional NexLog Application Programming Interface (API) allows third party software developers to implement custom/OEM integrations for controlling recording start/stop and for metadata tagging.

  • NG9-1-1 Capabilities

    NexLog communications recorders have been designed to conform to the NENA i3 standard for recording of multimedia NG9-1-1 primary interactions via the SIPREC interface method.

  • Resilience Features

    Eventide NexLog communications recorders offer multiple levels of resilience, including redundant power supplies, redundant hard disk drives (with choices of RAID levels 1, 5, or 10 or SAN connectivity), redundant network capability (via NIC bonding), and multiple choices for archive redundancy and network-based archive storage. The NexLog 740 and NexLog 840 recorders are each equipped with dual hot-swap load-sharing 120/240 VAC power supplies. (-48 VDC power supplies are available as an option on the NexLog 740 recorders).

  • Trusted By Customers - Worldwide

    Public safety, utility, government, military, institutional, and industrial customers at thousands of sites worldwide trust Eventide mission-critical recording systems to reliably record and protect their most important interactions and related data.

  • Up to 12 TB of Internal Storage

    All NexLog communications recorders include an internal RAID array of hard disk drives for reliability and redundancy. Offerings range from a standard pair of 1 Terabyte hard disk drives with RAID-1 (providing 1 Terabyte of storage for up to 166,000 hours @13kbps compression) all the way up to four hot-swap 4 Terabyte hard disk drives with RAID-5 (providing 12 Terabytes of storage for up to 2 Million hours @13kbps compression). For special applications, Eventide alternatively offers a Fibre-Channel adapter for running and storing via a supported third-party Storage Area Network (SAN).

  • Web-based NexLog Configuration Manager Software

    NexLog communications recorders include the NexLog Configuration Manager software, which permits secure browser-based access to system configuration parameters. NexLog Configuration Manager software also allows the administration of password policies and assignment of each user's access permissions.

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