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Increase Safety and Efficiency in the Halls, Across Campus and Throughout the District
Industrial Communications knows the challenges that educational institutions face to meet student needs with ever dwindling funding.  From K-12 classrooms to college campuses, educators are looking for better communications solutions to help keep students and staff safe.  Teachers, coaches, bus drivers and security personnel want to more effectively coordinate assemblies, sporting events and other school activities while maintenance staffs want to more efficiently manage day to day activities. Administrators want to ensure a rapid, coordinated response to any situation using technology that is within their budgets.

The Challenge
How can you keep students safer in the classroom, on the school bus and at after-school events? Unify your staff easily and seamlessly, working around the district or across campus? Make sure parents are in touch and your community in the loop?

The Solution
Motorola’s portfolio of MOTOTORBO digital two-way radios unifies your staff and fleet with instant, always available communications, anywhere they go.  When emergencies arise, from an injured student to an intruder on campus, MOTOTRBO two-way radios connect staff directly and instantly to public safety agencies.  

Increase Safety and Security of Students and Staff with MOTOTRBO Digital Two-way Radios
MOTOTRBO seamlessly integrates voice and data, offers enhanced features that are easy to use, and delivers safety-focused options like integrated Bluetooth®, GPS location tracking and Intelligent Audio that automatically adjusts volume to minimize background noise.  Whether a custodian is in a boiler room or a coach is in a crowded gym, you can be sure they will hear and be heard clearly.

Connect everyone seamlessly and easily with MOTOTRBO’s expanded portfolio of digital two-way radios and accessories.

  • Deliver the right device for the right user
  • Communication throughout your district
  • Locate your staff, students and buses instantly
  • Prioritize communication immediately
  • Integrate voice and data in one device
  • Scalable solutions to meet budgetary needs
  • Respond remotely with tracking applications
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Communicate without disturbing others using a wide selection of audio accessories
  • Text messaging when voice communication isn’t practical
  • GPS tracking and dispatch for access to drivers and vehicles

Ideal two-way radio users in education include teachers, administrators, school bus drivers, security guards, maintenance workers, facility managers, coaches, event coordinators, landscape crews, crossing guards and more.


“The MOTOTRBO radios allow us to talk virtually from anywhere in our district to anywhere in our district, including the bus garages.”
Bob Ciserella, Asst. Superintendent, School District 41, Glen Ellyn, IL

“In the end, it’s all about student safety. Whatever we can do to keep them safe is a win for all of us. MOTOTRBO was the right solution”
Bob Ciserella, Asst. Superintendent School District 41, Glen Ellyn, IL

“We receive positive comments from parents quite often. They appreciate what we have done in terms of putting the MOTOTRBO system in place because it creates a safer, more secure environment for their children.”
Fay Miller, Assistant Superintendent, Kent County School District

Industrial Communications works with school districts and educational institutions from K-12, colleges and universities to implement on-site and wide-area communications solutions that improve operational efficiency and enhance safety and security of students and staff.

With offices serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and South Florida, Industrial Communications can provide Motorola MOTOTRBO communications solutions to help you reach personnel anywhere they go, improve safety and security, keep every department connected, improve response times, maximize your investment and meet budgets cost-effectively. Contact us today for more information.

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