Microwave Backhaul

Fast and Reliable Voice and Data Transport
If you are looking to achieve optimal bandwidth and speed your network or to complement existing backhaul routes with alternative wireless bandwidth for emergencies and disaster recovery, we can help.  Whether you need connectivity in an obstructed or high-interference environment, want the exclusivity offered by licensed microwave, require a carrier-grade backhaul solution or must connect facilities on a tight budget, there is a PTP system to meet your specific requirements.

Microwave Backhaul Services
Industrial Communications provides and installs microwave backhaul antennas, fiber, and combinations of both for businesses, utilities, government agencies and wireless service providers.  We offer Point-to-Point (PTP) products and backhaul solutions from Cambium Networks.ng manufacturers.  

  • Experienced backhaul integrator
  • Fast and flexible network provisioning
  • Custom backhaul route solutions
  • Licensed radio spectrum for backhaul
  • Carrier neutral network access
  • Flexible network interfaces
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Wireless broadband access for quicker time to market
  • Cost-effective SNMP managed networks
  • In-house access to telco and fiber optic facilities
  • Complete microwave design and servicing

Industrial Communications owns and operates low latency, native Ethernet licensed microwave backhaul services that connect Cape Cod to Boston, Massachusetts.  Our high capacity network is carrier grade with low latency and better than five-nines (99.999%) reliability.

Over 100 tower sites available for line of site access and path options
When you work with Industrial Communications you get the advantage of selecting from our inventory of strategically located tower sites in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and South Florida assuring you have more line of sight access and communications path options for better network availability.

  • Rugged towers
  • Reliable digital radio technology with five-nines (99.999%) availability
  • Secure and spacious equipment shelters
  • Emergency back-up generators
  • Fast service response times
  • 24/7 network monitoring

Put our expertise to work for you.  

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