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Stay Connected to Drivers for Improved Operations and Driver Safety with Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Two-way Radios     

In the transportation industry, instant dispatch with clear and reliable two-way radio communication is essential to managing your fleet and optimizing operations.  You need 24/7/365 access to a reliable communications system that is always available whenever and wherever the job takes you.

The Challenge
In the transportation industry, customers demand greater flexibility and timely delivery.  At the same time, you face creeping fuel and operational costs, growing traffic congestion, and increased regulatory requirements.  The proliferation of smart phones has increased distracted driving concerns threatening driver safety and your risk of exposure to accidents.  Further, with the US Department of Transportation’s regulations restricting the use of cell phones by drivers of commercial motor vehicles, you must find ways to reduce your exposure to expensive fines and penalties.  

The Solution
Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO combines the best of two-way radio functionality with expanded capabilities to meet your communication needs.  A system so efficient and easy to use, it can improve customer service, reduce operating costs, and maintain compliance with US DOT regulations.  

Gain greater control and efficiency for the long haul.
Industrial Communications can help you put the right communications device into the hands of the right user.  Whether your operation involves transporting passengers or delivering goods and services, MOTOTRBO helps increase efficiency, productivity and safety.  

  • Instantly connect with drivers
  • Avoid delays and improve customer satisfaction
  • Control fuel costs with effective route coordination
  • Extend coverage and expand capacity
  • Ensure compliance with state and local cell ban regulations
  • Minimize distracted driving with simple push-to-talk operation
  • Improve workforce safety on the road and at your facility

Wide-area Coverage for Instant and Reliable Communications

Industrial Communications owns and operates MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio systems in New England and South Florida.  The perfect communications solution for drivers and dispatchers, our digital system offers:

  • Seamless push to talk coverage on our wide-area digital network (link to map)
  • One low monthly airtime fee for service
  • Secure, interference-free channels for privacy
  • One-to-one or one-to-many talk groups
  • Unlimited talk time on our wide-area digital system
  • Compliance with US DOT cell phone ban regulations
  • Secure and reliable infrastructure built to withstand natural disasters and emergencies
  • Data driven data applications:  GPS and Text Messaging (Optional)

6 Reasons to Choose Digital Two-way Radios over Cell Phones

  1. They are compliant with US DOT regulations restricting the use of cell phones by CMV drivers while driving.
  2. They are more durable and reliable, built to withstand tough work conditions and unfavorable weather conditions.
  3. They are simple to operate decreasing incidents of distracted driving.  
  4. They have more superior audio quality with noise cancelling features built-in to reduce or eliminate loud background noises.
  5. They have superior battery power that will keep them operational through longer work shifts.
  6. They minimize distracted driving and prevent drivers from making non-work related calls or texts on company time when they should be focused on the job at hand and the road ahead.

Ideal two-way radio users in transportation include school bus drivers, CMV drivers, taxi drivers, tour operators, delivery drivers, dispatch operators, fleet managers, operation managers, and more.   

Industrial Communications works with transportation companies in New England and South Florida to help optimize your communications so that your drivers are safer, operating costs are lower and customers are satisfied.

With offices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Florida, Industrial Communications can help you reach personnel anywhere they go, improve safety and security, keep every department connected, improve response times, maximize your investment and meet communications budgets cost-effectively. Contact us today for more information.

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