1809, 2019

Two-way Radios – An Essential Tool for Public Works Communications

Every day throughout Massachusetts your local public works departments are hard at work ensuring that the roads, buildings, and infrastructure throughout the community are properly maintained and safe for residents. From road and maintenance crews to those who dispatch work fleets, access to clear and reliable communication is essential.  When you equip your work crews with access to instant and reliable to information, increased productivity and enhanced on-the-job safety can be achieved.  Motorola two-way radios [...]

1106, 2019

Five Advantages of Using Motorola Two-Way Radios Instead of Cell Phones During Hurricane Season

When a hurricane hits, communications is your lifeline. In 2017, Hurricane Irma hit South Florida with winds over 110 miles per hour, causing widespread devastation. 2018 brought Hurricane Michael, a category 4 storm sweeping through the Florida Panhandle with winds as high as 155 miles per hour. Palms at hurricane. Hurricane IRMA and Katrina. 2017. USA. America What will Mother Nature bring in 2019?  We may not know the answer, but do know [...]

904, 2019

5 Reasons Why Two Way Radios Improves Communication on Construction Sites

Constructions sites, whether big or small, contain a lot of moving parts. Crews are on site coordinating projects, while workers are transporting heavy materials, using heavy machinery, or operating equipment from basic carpentry tools such as saws and hammers, to heavy duty cranes, cement mixers and dump trucks. There is little room error. Conditions on busy construction sites can be dangerous and hazardous with loud noises and heavy dust levels in the air. Despite the [...]

406, 2018

Get Hurricane Ready with Motorola Two Way Radios

Hurricane Season is Here. How will you communicate with your work crews when a powerful storm hits? Palms at hurricane. Hurricane IRMA and Katrina. 2017. USA. America Have you thought about how and if your work crews will be able to communicate and coordinate activities during an extended power outage or if cellular signals fail?  Motorola two-way radios can be your lifeline this hurricane season and are ideal for businesses requiring reliable [...]

1705, 2018

Two-way Radios for Summer Camp

School’s almost out for the year and that means it's almost time for summer camp!   Your camp schedule is finalized and registrations are flowing in. Lots of hard work has gone into planning fun activities for the kids and you’ve just about got your staff all lined up for the summer.  You’ve thought of everything. Or have you? Have you thought about how camp staff will communicate while coordinating daily operations and activities? Motorola two-way [...]