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ITT57 Statewide Contract

ITT57 Contract for Two-way Radio Equipment and Services
If you are a Massachusetts eligible entity you may purchase products and services offered on the ITT57 statewide contract from Industrial Communications & Electronics without the need to write an RFP or go through a tedious bidding process.  

The ITT57 allows eligible buyers to purchase, rent, install, maintain, and service two-way radio and associated microwave systems, connected peripherals and accessories.  

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Products and Services:

  • Mobile and portable two-way radios equipment and accessories (analog, digital, P25)
  • Trunking two-way radio systems and infrastructure
  • Conventional radio systems and infrastructure
  • P25 (Project 25, APCO-25) two-way radio systems and infrastructure
  • Custom dispatch console equipment
  • Marine and amateur radios and accessories
  • Fixed mobile data and automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems
  • Public safety paging systems
  • Land mobile radio antenna system components
  • Two-way radio accessories and batteries
  • Microwave systems, components, and accessories
  • System design, installation, service and maintenance


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