Motorola Fire Station Automation and Alerting

From first alert to final dispatch and acknowledgment, manage the fire station alerting process to improve the speed, efficiency and safety of the response. Simultaneously alert multiple stations and automate the turnout sequence with control of systems such as; bay doors, traffic signals and lights. Alert firefighters with ramped heart-saver tones and dispatch audio to selected zones in the station, while sending alarms to select personnel via email or cell phones.

  • Accountability
    Automatically records dispatch and response actions for future analysis and evidence.
  • Bunk room and zone alerting
    Lights and tones activate in select areas using pre-set criteria to alert only those required for a response.
  • Dual link connection
    Use of both wireless and wired links to significantly improve the reliability of the alerting system.
  • Enhanced system security
    Protects system integrity and information
  • Graphical User Interface
    Easy-to-use GUI for dispatching to multiple fire stations and for configuration and maintenance.
  • Multiple station alerting
    Rapid alerting to multiple stations followed by dispatcher voice broadcast.
  • Remote monitoring and control
    Monitor and control the fire station security from the dispatch center while the station is empty.
  • Support for ASTRO 7.x IV&D
    Peace of mind with the mission critical reliability of Motorola's ASTRO® 25 network.
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