Motorola GTR8000 Base Radio

As the primary radio transmitter and receiver radio platform for ASTRO® 25 systems, the GTR 8000 offers design flexibility and investment protection during technology refresh in a high performance package.

  • Flexible Deployment / TDMA Supported

    Software configurable to fit a variety network topologies and signalling protocols. From conventional to trunking, single repeater to multisite, and FDMA to TDMA, the GTR 8000 can support your configuration needs today and carry you to the future with no new hardware required.

    - P25 Trunking Phase 1 (FDMA)
    - P25 Trunking Phase 2 (TDMA)
    - P25 Data
    - Enhanced Data
    - Analog Conventional
    - P25 Digital Conventional
    - HPD Data
    - 3600 Trunking

  • High Performance

    Enjoy the improved audio performance and enhanced coverage made available by the GTR 8000 Base Radio. Go further with fewer sites to build and maintain made available by linear simulcast modulation and TDMA two-branch receive diversity.

No additional specifications are available for this product