NEOTERRA NeoConneX GPS Tracking Solution

The neoConneX GPS from Neoterra is a robust solution to track the location and movements of MOTOTRBO radios. It allows for you to optimize efficiency in workflow, improve communication to mobile workers, and ensure the safety of valuable assets with GPS location data. The app is ideal for environments with dispatch centers requiring a desktop tool to support their ongoing activities. neoConneX GPS also features a web suite client that allows for remote tracking and monitoring with rich playback functionality available from any mobile device.

  • Web Suite Application
    Hosted on the customer’s network and accessible via any web browser • Available on any mobile device that supports HTML 5 including Blackberry, Android and Apple devices, or remote PCs and Macs via a web browser • Reporting feature allows to play back an
  • Enhanced Monitoring & Audit Capability
    GPS enables decision-making with rich real-time and historical location data. With neoConneX, supervisors, managers and administrators can track in real-time the location of employees and assets. They can also easily playback their historical whereabouts
  • GPS
    Scheduled GPS updates from subscribers Wide mapping choices. Microsoft MapPoint Internet map control with 27 online sources including Yahoo maps.
  • Increase Situational Awareness
    Mobile workers require tools to increase their situational awareness. neoConneX empowers dispatchers by quickly letting them know which subscribers are online. It also allows them to locate subscribers in real-time and redirect them from accidents or othe
  • Increased Productivity & Improve Efficiency
    With neoConneX it becomes possible to improve fleet efficiency. With one click you can view online subscribers, see their location and review their past movements. You can optimize your schedules and routes by monitoring subscribers over a period of time
  • Mapping
    Multiple mapping view options including Google Maps (satellite and hybrid views), Yahoo! maps (satellite and hybrid views), Open Street Map, MapQuest Aerial, and Microsoft MapPoint
  • Product Overview
    Comprehensive GPS solution that supports up to 100 clients and unlimited subscribers. • Monitoring is tailored for use by both dispatchers, and other client profiles such as remote administrators and supervisors. • Two ways to access neoConnex: with the
  • Radio Network
    Compatible with all MOTOTRBO radio network configurations: Connect Plus, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect, Repeater, and Direct modes • Supports multiple MOTOTRBO system types within a single neoConneX system • Supports up to 6 full
  • Radios that are compatible with neoConneX?
    All Motorola MOTOTRBO portables & mobiles that are GPS-enabled are compatible. These are identifiable by their product code, ending in XX50. neoConneX is compatible in all MOTOTRBO radio network modes: Direct Mode Repeater Mode IP Site Conn
  • System Requirements
    Server 2 GHz 32/64-bit Quad-Core CPU 4 GB System Memory 160 GB hard drive with minimum 15 GB of free space Local Area Network with IP Platform support Internet access for remote support Client 2 GHz 32/64-bit Dual-Core CPU
  • Text Messaging
    Dispatch client to subscriber radio text messaging Store and forward an unlimited number of messages per subscriber radio, \Aging function deletes older messages. Email/Text Integrated email to text gateway. Email/Text, Scada support, RS232, SN
  • Windows Client Application
    Allows clients to send text messages to subscribers, report on their past whereabouts, and easily find their current location • Server supports up to 100 simultaneous client connections via the Windows Client Application • Ideal tool for dispatchers to m
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