Motorola PMLN6123 IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit

Model Number:  PMLN6123

IMPRES(TM) enhanced audio, three separate wires for microphone - PTT/programmable button module - earpiece, direct radio connection, see below for complementary recommendations

IMPRES(TM) technology allows the radio to read the response characteristics stored in the specific MSI audio accessory and configure its audio line up to provide the highest quality transmit and receive experience possible. Dedicated wires for microphone, earpiece and PTT/programmable button module enable the most discreet wearing with any clothes type. Easy to remove and replace clear acoustic coiled tube (RLN6242) for hygiene purposes. Also available in beige (PMLN6124). For long wear comfort, consider clear comfortable earpieces (RLN4764 or RLN4761).