Motorola Turbo VUi Pocket by CITI Products

TurboVUi Pocket allows remote access to your MOTOTRBO 2-way radio system from IP GatewayAndroid and iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile devices. Group or private calls are as easy as making a selection from the subscriber list, and then clicking the Push-to-Talk button. A virtual radio display provides full remote control of the control station radio. Radio users can be located using Google Maps. TurboVUi Pocket is useful over cellular networks when you are on-the-go and outside the coverage of your radio system, yet still need radio communications. It can also be used within a Wi-Fi network to lower monthly cellular charges.

  • *Not available in Connect Plus systems:
    Text Messaging and GPS Mapping
  • Connection to IP Gateway
    Cellular network or Wi-Fi
  • Control Station Access
    Full Control, including: CH+, CH-, for talk group selection; P1-P4 function buttons; Tx Power- High/Low; Permanent Monitor Scan -On/Off, Menu functions
  • GPS Mapping
    Radio subscriber locations displayed using Google™ Maps
  • Low Network Bandwidth
    2.2kBytes/s per device
  • Push - to - Talk and Listen
    Group or Private calls
  • Radio Status Display
    Mirror of Control Station radio
  • Text Messaging
    Group or Private
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