A severe storm can cause power outages, downed cellular networks, and road hazards from snow, high winds, and dropping temperatures.  When power outages occur, and cell phones fail, your two-way radios can be a lifeline to keeping business operations running smoothly and staying informed of storm situations around you.

A bomb-cyclone is coming to New England, are your two-way radios ready?

Forecasters predict a bomb-cyclone will hit New England this week.  Are your two-way radios working properly and fully charged? Do your workers know what protocols are in place in case of an emergency?  Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out.  Make sure your communications will be ready for the unexpected with these simple tips:

  • Test your two-way radio equipment to make sure it is working properly.
  • Check batteries to make sure they are fully charged and operating on full power.
  • Repair and replace two-way radio equipment and batteries, if needed.
  • Have fully charged spare batteries available in case of extended power outages.
  • Program a dedicated channel for emergencies during storm, if needed.
  • Have a plan for communicating during the storm and make sure all work crews are aware of radio operations, safety protocols, and other procedures related to the storm.

Don’t get caught off guard. 

These simple tips can help ensure that you can use your two-way radios to stay informed of and address potentially hazardous or threatening storm related situations.

Let us help you prepare.

Industrial Communications & Electronics can help relieve the stress of planning by getting your radios storm-ready.  Our team of communications consultants can help you inventory, test, and identify two-way equipment that requires replacement or repair, and can offer recommendations to help take the stress out of preparing your communications for the unexpected.  Contact us today to get started.