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When Mother Nature Deals a Powerful Blow, Quickly Respond with Motorola MOTOTRBO Two-way Radios

When a powerful storm hits and power lines go down, your customers expect a certain level of performance.  You must quickly respond to restore power.  As calls pour in, dispatchers must move quickly to get work crews on site, coordinate activities, and get power restored.

How do you meet customer demands and manage an extensive mobile workforce in the field? With a system that provides instant dispatch and reliable communications, even in the most unforeseen situations.  One so efficient and easy to use it can improve worker safety, reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

Reach Everyone, Everywhere with MOTOTRBO
Industrial Communications can help you put the right device into the hands of the right user.  From the dispatch center, to field work crews, to the technician repairing trucks, MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios help increase efficiency, productivity, and safety.   

The MOTOTRBO portfolio of digital two-way radios, repeaters, data applications, accessories, software and services offers:

  • Instant private and secure communications
  • Increased workforce productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Employee safety and security
  • Minimized risk and legal exposure
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • UL approved radios for areas where fire or explosion hazards may occur

Ideal two-way radio users in the utility industry users include linemen, service workers, equipment operators, supervisors, plant managers, emergency response teams, utility workers, dispatchers, tree climbers, site managers, project managers, and more.

Industrial Communications works with utility companies in New England and South Florida to help them operate more efficiently, improve productivity and quickly respond to the most difficult conditions and unforeseen acts of nature.

With offices in Massachusetts and South Florida, Industrial Communications serves customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Florida.  We offer solutions to help you reach personnel anywhere they go, improve safety and security, keep every department connected, improve response times, maximize your investment and meet budgets cost-effectively.   Contact us today for more information.

Products for Utilities

Motorola Turbo VUi Dispatch by CITI Products

The TurboVUi™ Dispatch system offers a console-type solution for applications requiring connection to many MOTOTRBO radios (control stations) from a single user...
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Turbo VUi Dispatch by CITI Products

Motorola Turbo VUi Pocket by CITI Products

TurboVUi Pocket allows remote access to your MOTOTRBO 2-way radio system from IP GatewayAndroid and iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile devices. Group or private calls are as...
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Turbo VUi Pocket by CITI Products

Motorola Turbo VUi Solo by CITI Products

The TurboVUi Solo client presents a virtual radio on a PC’s desktop. With a PC or TurboVUi Solo ClientLaptop, and a network connection, group or private calls are...

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Turbo VUi Solo by CITI Products

Motorola WAVE Connections

WAVE Connections turns your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a network independent push-to-talk (PTT) device for instant, reliable and secure mobile workforce...

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WAVE Connections

NEOTERRA NeoConneX GPS Tracking Solution

The neoConneX GPS from Neoterra is a robust solution to track the location and movements of MOTOTRBO radios. It allows for you to optimize efficiency in workflow,...

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NeoConneX GPS Tracking Solution

Vertex VX 230 Series

This product may no longer be manufactured or available for sale.

The Essential Radio for General Communications and Maximum Value

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VX 230 Series
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